restorer for contemporary art and modern materials



Palais Epstein: Restoration of the stucco ceilings

Schönbrunn Palace: wall surfaces and furnishings – restoration of the gilding

Technical Museum: various projects – including the court salon carriage of Empress Elisabeth from 1873

Upper Austria and Vorarlberg

Municipal theatre Grein: Wall and ceiling surfaces, restoration of the furnishings

Parish church in Hochburg: cleaning of the altars and Stations of the Cross

Filial church in Beschling: new version of the zero surfaces of the wooden coffered ceiling


Max Weiler: Painting “Saum des Hügels” (1967) Surface Cleaning

Kiki Kogelnik: ”Hangings” (1970) made of PVC – cleaning of leaked plasticiser

Birgit Jürgenssen: Inventory of a group of works “Schuhwerk” (1974-76)
Diploma thesis on possibilities of restoration and conservation of Birgit Jürgenssen’s latex works
Conception and fabrication of packaging for the storage of various objects Birgit Jürgenssens

Daniel Spörri: ”Restbild Cavigliano Express” (1969 ): gluing clods to aged latex gloves

Gülsün Karamustafa: Condition reports – exhibition assembly

Vladimir Kagan:
Restoration of a side element of acrylic glass from the cabinet furniture (1960)

Jean Paul Riopelle:
Composition (1951) – Fixing and cleaning the painting layer

Georges Braque:
Plat De Fruit, Cruche et Cocteau (1926) -Removal of white veils on the painting layer.

Giacomo Balla:
Fiore Futurista (1918) – consolidation of the painting layer, retouching

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