Janina Mić

restorer for contemporary art and modern materials


  The dignity of art is inviolable – Janina Mić

My services

Restoration of...

  • Historical and modern materials
  • Paintings and sculptures, objects made of plastics and complex material combinations
  • Historical furnishings e.g. in churches, castles or theatres
  • The work is carried out in our own studio or on site.

Exhibition management and loan traffic

  • Assembly and installation at exhibitions
  • Preparation of condition reports
  • Recommendation of room climate and lighting, monitoring
  • Maintenance and support during the exhibition
  • Design and construction of storage and transport packaging for artworks, handling


  • Examination of the condition of objects and furnishings
  • Preparation of condition reports by photographic and written documentation of the state of
    preservation of the work of art or the furnishings of historical buildings
  • Planning of individual conservation and restoration treatments
  • Preparation of quotations and cost planning

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About Janina Mić

2007 – 2014
Studied conservation-restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,
Degree in conservation-restoration of contemporary art and modern materials.
Training as a church painter with final examination, in Regensburg
Institute for Art and Design in Neustadt an der Waldnaab

Professional Experience /Private:

2018 – 2022
Birth of the second child and move to Germany, opening of a studio for restoration and conservation in Lower Bavaria.
Birth of the first child
Work as a self-employed restorer
2004/ 2005
Employed by Arte & Restauro – restoration of the stucco ceilings in Palais Epstein, Vienna.
2002/ 2003
Internship in Padua, Italy with various restorers
Internship at the Croatian Restoration Institute in Zagreb and Osijek

My Why: 

The fascination for contemporary art has accompanied me since my training as a church painter. In the course of my experience with the traditional artistic techniques, my interest in the techniques and creative processes of contemporary artists grew.

The critical examination and translation of current political events in contemporary art remains for me one of the most exciting sources for understanding our time.

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